Graduate collection for my Bachelor of Fashion Design (2015). Inspiration for the collection comes from a sense of freedom and travel exploring and researching foreign environments of both natural and man made beauty within areas of Peru, Mexico, Japan, and Morocco. These countries each having their own unique qualities are brought together within design, threading such diverse cultures into one to create a new look.

Morocco in particular has been a key inspiration to the collection. A detailed look at their twisting mosaic tiles and teal blue waters curving around the coasts of Morocco lends to inspire a collection of intense colour and texture to be highlighted within originally designed digital prints.


Photographer: Alana Taylor

Model: Oceana Strachan

Hair and Makeup Artist: Claudia Molinaro



'Hero Piece' Photoshoot

Photographer: Dario Gardiman

Model: Bianca Hepburn

Hair and Makeup Artist: Sally Corben